Posted: November 29, 2010 in Ear Stretching, Inspiring

The ritual of ear stretching has been around for decades, from tribal traditions to modern day tapering for personal fashion. Ear tunnels/plugs/tapers can be made from anything, from bone to silicone to glass and many more materials. It is said that ear stretching originated in Asian, African and South Pacific cultures and tribes for the purposes of expressing sexuality, fertility, spirituality, ownership and decoration.


In modern culture tapering of the ears is regarded as a fashion statement and a form of self- expression, but new advancements have paved the way for them to be a fashion statement with a purpose. This new advancement has come in the form of hearing aid plugs! These little nifty things mean that those with hearing disabilities no longer have to be embarrassed or hide their hearing aids, but can instead wear them, quite stylishly, literally in their ears. The new range are now up on http://www.designaffairs.com


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